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1 Jan 2014

Notes on Version 0.0.3

Thank you for visiting the feedback page for the Digital Mishnah Project Demo.

Please use the comments area on this page to provide feedback on the project and the demo.

Some basic versioning information:

For reference purposes I am calling this version 0.0.3. When we can introduce some statistical tools, and customizable output, we can start numbering versions 0.1.0, etc., and we’ll be moving from demo to alpha development phase.

This version of the demo adds some styling changes, changes to the interface where witnesses are accessed for comparison/collation, and one major output change: the ability to view the output of comparison for an individual mishnah orĀ  a whole chapter. Version 0.0.2 introduced the ability to browse through witnesses by page, column, or chapter. Version 0.0.1 demonstrated the basic functionalities.

Previous versions of the compare/collate functions of the demo are still available for comparison. (Prior versions of the browse function have been overwritten.)

  • For the immediately prior version (let’s call it 0.0.2) see here. The web version calls the same stylesheets.
  • Of the earliest version (0.0.1), version 0.0.1B has been retained since it uses a somewhat different alignment algorithm, and users may wish to compare results. Allowing users to select and compare the output of different alignment methods is a desideratum.

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  1. Max

    This looks amazing. I’m so impressed by how much you’ve accomplished and how much there is to see here. Kol ha-Kavod.

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